Lumination in Those White Walls

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Lumination Salon was recently featured on Those White Walls in the article, “3 Days of Unwashed Summer Hair with Living Proof and Lumination Salon:”

Everyone loves summer, but sometimes summer hair isn’t quite as easy! Girls, you know what I’m talking about… heat + humidity = frizz galore! That’s why I decided to partner with Living Proof and Chicago’s Lumination Salon to learn the best way to keep summer hair simple, frizz free, and looking good without all the fuss!

Most of us know that the less you wash your hair the better. Not only because it’s healthier for your hair but also, who wants to spend all that time washing your hair when you could be outside enjoying summertime? Not me! Easier said than done… my hair is really fine so, after one day in the summer heat I feel like I need to wash it. That was until I started using Living Proof…

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